I am Meet Makhija, a professional, qualified & experienced project manager with 10+ years of overall experience in different domains of commercial enterprise from e-commerce to banking and insurance. I am a product fanatic with new product development, product life cycle control , scaling and optimizing the processes by gap analysis. Nothing intrigues me more than deep appreciation for the value of brand and customer experience. I have keen interest in observing consumer behavior and love to conceive fascinating products or initiatives that solve an everyday user problem.

I am a skilled in Project/Product Management and its knowledge areas, my experience includes working with pre-sales team to design the architecture for new projects.My latest association is with Vexecute Limited as a Project Manager Intern responsible for Project/Product Management of Web Development & CRM Projects.

I am a keen strategist, planner & implementer with expertise in multi-unit IT management and Technology Resource Administration. An effective leader with experience in handling project teams. A facilitation Manager with a strong understanding of project management and the ability to design and implement solutions based on Waterfall and Agile Scrum Methodology.

I have a strong knowledge of project management, new product development, category management, business analysis and development. I have a sharp consumer-focus and analytical approach along with a rookie-level understanding of Education, Retail & E-Commerce, and the insurance Industry.

I am a venturous individual who likes to explore, dream and discover in life. I am an adventure seeker and I believe that one way to live life fully is to take it as an adventure. Immense interest in neuroscience and fascinated by why human being does what he does in a particular situation.