Completed PHP++ Certification in the year of 2012.

Important Topics Studied

  • HTML

  • PHP

  • Magento Development

  • Joomla Development

  • Wordpress Development

Scrum Master

Completed the certification in the year 2018 (ID 1034277)

Main Topics Studied

  • Introduction to Agility

  • Iterative/Incremental Development

  • Scrum Framework

  • Scrum Values

  • Scrum Principles

  • When/where to use Scrum

  • The Role of the ScrumMaster

  • Scrum Roles – The Team, Product Owner and Scrum Master

  • Scrum Events (Sprint Planning, Review and Retrospective and Review

  • Planning with Scrum

  • Scrum Artifacts

Six Sigma White Belt

Main Topics Studied

  • Understanding the customer's needs

  • How to define a project

  • How to measure current performance

  • How to identify solutions

  • How to sustain improvements

  • About DMIAC Processes

  • Minimizing waste to increase the customer satisfaction